Steve Grinstead has spent his entire career (40 years) in the fresh food industry. He is very passionate about the businesses he has led as well as having a true love for the industry; volunteering countless hours over the years to help keep the industry moving forward in a positive direction.

The Grinstead Group’s passion is to assist companies in the fresh food industry to go from good to great.

We offer Professional Business Services to accomplish this goal.

People, and especially leadership, are the most important assets of the majority of companies. Our executive placement process aligns your company with the right executives, based on many criteria, with a strong emphasis on the proper behavioral and cultural fit.

Our specialized consulting services are focused on assisting business owners and executives with guidance on major events in their business life. Events such as: team building, acquiring other companies, preparing to be acquired, bringing on a financial partner, succession planning, etc. These activities can be defining moments in your company and our past experiences can help you capitalize on your opportunities to the fullest extent possible.

We will be growing our professional services to include other important tools for your company.

Thanks for your interest in The Grinstead Group.

We must dare to be great; and we must realize that greatness is the fruit of toil and sacrifice and high courage.
— Teddy Roosevelt